Change log


New Feature

  • We've introduced a new state management feature for Vizzly! Now, you can seamlessly control your dashboard filters externally. Access the new feature directly through Vizzly State Management in Filters.
  • In-browser query engine


  • Re-design of the Percentages Custom Metric modal. It now supports filters on the denominator.
  • Descriptions now appear on the fields.
  • Tables have fixed limits to improve performance
  • Improved tension line on the Line Chart
  • The dateTimeFormatOptions description property formats the granularities in the Grouping selector

Bug fixes

  • Fix the swapping of metrics between Basic table and Pivot table
  • Stop the Single Stat Current month value from wrapping

Breaking changes

  • For in-browser users, this requires an additional script tag to be added to your HTML;
  <script src=""></script>