Secure Filters

Data Access Token

Secure filters are a property of the identity config. They secure your user's data in a multi-tenant environment. You must define filters for each data set the user has access to.

For example, say you have a data set with an ID of das_1, and you want to only show users their own data from this data set, you might specify a secureFilters value of:

  // The secureFilters key of the identity config.
  secureFilters: {
    // The ID of the data set the secure filter applies too
    "das_1": [{
      // The ID of the field in the data set which the secure filter applies too
      field: "User ID",
      // The operator used in the permission check.
      op: "=",
      // The value to check against.
      value: 1
  // ... The rest of the identity config

These secure filters will be signed and sent to the Vizzly query engine by the Vizzly react embed, where they will be validated using your organization's public key and ensure that each user only ever has access to their own data.

And / OR Logic

To have finer controls over the secure filters, you can use our nested list structure.

  << filter one >>,
  << filter two >>

can be described as where "filter one" OR "filter two" match

     <<filter one>>,
     <<filter two>>,
     <<filter three>>,
     <<filter four>>,

can be described as where "filter one and filter two" OR "filter three and filter four"