A webhook is a message that Vizzly will send your servers, when something happens.

Webhooks are a powerful developer feature for reacting to certain events that occur on your user's dashboards in real-time, or handling scheduled events.

Learn how to get started with webhooks in our guide!

Supported events

Acknowledging events

When you successfully handle a webhook, it is important to respond with a 200 status code. Otherwise, Vizzly will keep retrying until a 200 is received.

We also guarantee at least 1 delivery attempt, even if your server does respond with a 200 status code, so you should design your system to be idempotent. This means being able to handle the exact same event multiple times, but keeping your system in the correct state.


When your webhook endpoint does not respond with a 200 status code, we will retry with the following behaviour;

  • We will back-off our attempts exponentially with a minimum of a 15 second gap between each attempt.
  • Upon each attempt, we will add a small amount of jitter so failed requests aren't sent in waves.
  • We will retry until approximately 12 days later, or the equivalent of the 20th attempt.