PDF Reporting

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PDF Reporting

What is PDF reporting?

PDF reporting is a feature integrated within the Vizzly Query Engine, designed to streamline the generation of comprehensive reports directly from your dashboards. This functionality empowers users to effortlessly create PDF reports, which can be seamlessly distributed via email, stored in cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or utilized for various other purposes.

Key features

  • Dashboard-to-PDF Conversion: Seamlessly transform user dashboards into PDF format for scheduled reporting purposes.
  • Programmatic Report Building: Empower developers to programmatically construct reports and convert them into PDFs, offering flexibility and automation.
  • Feature-rich Integration: Incorporate all the familiar features of a Vizzly dashboard directly into PDF outputs, ensuring consistency and continuity in data presentation.
  • Customizable PDF Elements: Tailor PDF reports with personalized headers and footers, allowing for branding and enhanced user experience customization.

How does it work?

After adding a JS script to the Vizzly Query Engine that configures the PDF, you can send Vizzly Access tokens generated in your identity logic with optional parameters to your Vizzly Query Engine and receive a PDF in the body of the response.

Getting started

The JavaScript PDF Config is a common JS script that sets a window variable of properties that are used to configure the generated PDF.


When utilizing the Vizzly Query Engine, configuration is straightforward - just provide the URL of the query engine in the config for the most minimal setup.

window.vizzlyDashboardProperties = {
  queryEngineEndpoint: "<< Your Query Engine Endpoint >>"

For advanced customization, the following properties are also supported

HTTP interface

Now the Query Engine has been configured, we're able to send HTTP POST requests to it, to generate PDFs from dashboards.

POST /api/v1/pdf

  "pdfSettings": {
    "dashboardVersion": string;
    "width": "wide" | "default";
    "header"?: string;
    "footer"?: string;
  "accessTokens": {
    "dashboardAccessToken": string;
    "dataAccessToken": string;

The same tokens created by your Vizzly identity logic. These grant access to fetch the dashboard configuration and the data needed to build the PDF report.

  • dashboardVersion - Specify the version of the Vizzly dashboard service to render the dashboard for the PDF.
  • width - Configure the width of the generated PDF
  • header - Define the header of the PDF in an HTML string.
  • footer - Define the footer of the PDF in an HTML string.