Property explanations

Properties Vizzly access tokens

The identity configuration encompasses a set of information that is securely signed into separate JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) on your server. These tokens serve as crucial entities that effectively govern and regulate access to the dashboard configuration, a user's private data, and the Vizzly Query Engine if you are running it.

The identity config can be signed using our client libraries

Dashboard access token

This token controls access to the current user's dashboards.

Data access token

This token facilitates secure access to user data within a multi-tenant environment by incorporating "secure filters." These essential filters are enforced on all queries executed by a specific user, thereby limiting the scope of data that can be accessed by those queries.

Query engine token

This is an advanced, optional token that regulates access to the Config Manager. It should exclusively be utilized by duly authenticated and authorized members of your engineering department, as it grants privileges to preview data and generate Vizzly data sets based on the underlying schema of your database.