Vizzly Query Engine
Create Results

Create results

The /api/v1/create-results endpoint on the self hosted query engine, accepts POST HTTP requests containing Vizzly formatted queries, and returns results in the Vizzly format.

When would I use this?

If you have Vizzly webhooks set up, you will start receiving real-time and scheduled events to your endpoint. One such example is a scheduled report event, which contains all the information needed to run a query against the query engine. Then, you can package the result in any format you like such as a CSV or a PDF and send this to your users.

Implementation details

The request body should match the following type definition;

  queries: Array<Query>;
  identityConfigIntegritySignature: string;

Identity config integrity signature

This is a data access token, that is one of the tokens returned by your identity callback.



The response, if successful, will contain a list of results, which you can use to build CSVs, PDFs, .xlsx files, or send to Google Sheets using their API (opens in a new tab).

type RowOfValues = Array<string | string[] | number | Date | null>;
export type Result = Array<RowOfValues>;