Vizzly Cloud Query Engine

Vizzly's cloud allows you to get up and running in the fastest way possible if you are connecting to your database or data warehouse. Once you have created your cloud project on your account, you will build the data sets that you want to expose to your users. Next, you will build out the identity logic for multi-tenancy and embed the dashboard within your application using our native React package, or Custom WebComponent (opens in a new tab) for Vue, Angular, Svelte and Vanilla JS support.

Setup process

For a managed cloud project, you will get started by following the "setup steps" presented to you after creating a cloud project. You will be provided with a Query Engine Endpoint value immediately after creating your cloud project, amongst all other values required to get running.

Normalized or dynamic data sets

The Vizzly Cloud Query Engine supports normalized data structures. This is where all data sets exposed to your users contain the same fields.

Dynamic data sets per user?

If your users have custom fields to show on the dashboard which are unique to them, check out our Dynamic Query Engine which you will need to self-host.

Single tenant?

If you have a single-tenant architecture, whereby your users each have their own database instance, you will also use our Dynamic Query Engine for this!