Quick start

To skip the identity logic to get a proof of concept up and running, you can generate access tokens using our Command Line Interface (CLI) tool.

Generate test access tokens

From the same directory as your Vizzly private key, you can run the following command;

vizzly access-tokens --project-id "<< Your project ID >>"

This should give you an output of JSON that is in this structure

  "dashboardAccessToken": "<< a token >>",
  "dataAccessToken": "<< a token >>"

Using the test tokens

Once you have the dashboard set up, which is the next step, you will be able to simply return these tokens from the identity prop. For example;

  identity={async () => {
    return {
      "dashboardAccessToken": "<< a token >>",
      "dataAccessToken": "<< a token >>"

Next steps

Next, you are ready to add the Vizzly dashboard to your frontend application, or use our guide for setting up a new React project with Vizzly.