This callback loads all the current user's data, for a data set. This data is then queried in the browser's memory, using Vizzly's in-browser query engine.

We strongly advise that this strategy is only used for small data sets, to avoid long wait times whilst the data is initially loaded.

The data returned from this callback, should be in the following format:

  [key: string]: string | number | null | boolean;

Date format

Ideally dates will be provided as ISO8601 formatted strings (such as 2023-03-27T15:43:57.475Z). However, any format that can be parsed by new Date(arg1) is supported.


As this strategy involves loading all the data that's available to a user into the browser, any required authorisation and authentication of access to the data will be done in this load data callback. All data returned from this callback will be available to the user.