Vizzly "feature toggles" allow you to control the user's experience of the dashboard. This enables you to tailer the Vizzly experience to your users. For example using feature toggles you could provide a completely static dashboard, or one without the component library and only allow users to create "standalone" components directly on the dashboard.


Feature toggles are provided through the featureToggles property in the React component. For example;

    showGlobalFilters: true,
    canEditComponentLibrary: false,
    canEditComponentsOnDashboard: true,

The toggles

Dashboard and library usage

You can use the following feature toggles to control how much the user can modify of their dashboard;

  • canEditComponentLibrary
  • canEditComponentsOnDashboard
  • canUseComponentLibrary
  • canCreateStandaloneComponents
  • canRemoveComponentsFromDashboard
  • disableAutoSave
  • canAddNewRows
  • canAddNewCells

Global filters

The feature toggle showGlobalFilters, gives you the option to completely hide the global filters from the dashboard.

Dashboard Reset

By default the feature is enabled. The feature toggle showResetButton allows users with 'read_write' access to either show or hide the 'Reset Dashboard' button on their dashboard. When enabled, this feature lets users reset their individual dashboard to match your current Parent Dashboard settings.

Editing the views

  • canConfigureLocalFilters
  • canEditCustomMetrics
  • allowSimpleMathsCustomField
  • allowPercentagesCustomField
  • allowRulesCustomField

Data exports

The feature toggle canDownloadComponentData will allow your users to download the data which is used for a view.