Access type

Dashboard Access TokenOptionalAdvanced

The access type is a property of the identity config, and it can be set to either admin or standard.

standard access type

If the access type is set to standard, then the dashboarding experience will vary on the distribution strategy that you choose. Some strategies include;

  • Self-serve analytics through child copies made of the parent dashboard, in a process automated by Vizzly.
  • Read-only views of the parent dashboard managed by trusted members of your organisation.
  • Allowing read-only views of a child dashboards. For example on your SaaS platform, you might have collections of users whereby only some should have write access.
  • Programatically creating dashboards using our dashboard management API.

admin access type

If the access type is set to admin, the user will be able to manage your organisation's parent dashboards which is the foundation of all distribution stratagies. Therefore you only want trusted members of your organisation to be admin users. You do not need to be an admin user to have the self-serve experience.